Personal Narrative: A Career As A Football Trainer

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Walk-On I woke up in my hotel bed on a Saturday. This day could make me or break me. The scouts from Ohio State, Notre Dame, and the University Of Michigan would be there. If I perform like I did this whole season I will have a full ride football scholarship from these schools and many others. I can’t show them weakness, if they figure out about my ACL, my football career is over. My trainer told me I had a grade 2 ACL sprain; it was a serious stretch. I couldn’t afford to lose what I’ve worked so hard for my whole life. But my trainer promised me he would take care of me, I have no clue what he injects into me but it works and I feel no pain. There is only one hour before I have my last football game, the State Championships. These next hours determine what my life will be like. It makes me sick, and I’m very nervous.…show more content…
But my bond is like no other, I have known these guys my whole life basically.They have been there throughout everything. And I know with them, I can’t be stopped. As I walk into the stadium to meet my team for this last game, I hear the crowd screaming my name. I made it to the locker room, my trainer Chris gave me the shot. As he set it down I saw the label it said, “Cortisone.” And I knew what it was I instantly knew that my knee was bad, because this was high medical grade medicine. As I put on my equipment I looked around me. I knew that everyone was nervous, and I couldn’t prevent that. For most of these people they were not going to go to any college, and yet I still have to decide which one out of the 30 something scholarships I got offered. We started walking through warm-ups, they went by way faster than I expected. Everything felt fine until I saw the other team, St. Ignatius. Their whole team had at least a 6 foot average height. I knew before that almost all of them were division one prospects for college, but I didn’t expect
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