Personal Narrative: A Career As A Lacrosse Player

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It was the middle of January, dead of winter of my eighth grade year. Coach Brooklyn Howell, the Lady Cougars basketball coach came up to me and said “come tonight, 5:30 at Byrnes Freshman Academy to try out and see if you like lacrosse.” I did not really know if I wanted to play in the cold, because I was so used to playing in a warm gym during the cold winter months. Lacrosse really did not seem like a sport that I wanted to play. But I tried it out anyway. It was 50 degrees outside. I had on leggings, warm fuzzy socks, a long sleeve sweatshirt, tennis shoes, and a jacket. But I was still cold. I kept telling myself only one hour, I only have an hour left. Then I can go home to a warm house. I was really new at this game. The other people…show more content…
The second game of the season, Barton College in North Carolina came down to look at the Byrnes Lady Rebels Varsity lacrosse team. I was the only one out of seniors, juniors, and sophomores that they wanted. I really could not believe it. I was already getting looked at by colleges my ninth grade year. The feeling was overwhelming and I was so excited for what my future holds in lacrosse. I loved that I could share my accomplishments with my family and friends. The season had finally come to an end, and I was really delighted to of won the All-Region Women 's Lacrosse award. I also won MVP my freshman year. I was also getting looked at by three colleges, and a sports agency called saying that I was the only one that they seen who had the potential to play at a college level sport.
In conclusion, Lacrosse is a sport that I love and take seriously each and everyday. Being a female lacrosse player can sometimes be a difficult thing. It can be difficult when facing an opponent that is bigger than you, or when you have terrible referees. But loving lacrosse will never change for me. I have big dreams that I want to achieve in lacrosse, and I won’t let anyone or anything stop me from what I love
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