Personal Narrative: A Career As A Nurse

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Have you ever wondered why nurses are so passionate for helping people? Is it because a nurse earns several money? Being a nurse doesn’t mean that it has many money, but a nurse has a passion for getting up every day and going to work for helping thousands of patients with injuries, illnesses, and diseases. The reason nursing profession inspires me is because I believe that patients can have a good health conditions, and I want to help people. A nurse’s career involves much education, many responsibilities, and different work environment. A nurse has 3 types of education degrees, including associate, bachelor’s, and a master’s degree. First, an Associate of Science in Nursing (ASN) is an education degree. According to All Nursing Schools, the ASN has 6 courses and a liberal arts class, which takes 2 years in any school to complete (title article). Next, Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) is another education degree. Completing and receiving an ASN, the BSN provides additional wisdom and details various aspects in the nursing field, and it takes 4 years at any college or university to complete. (title article). By the time of finishing all the program requirements and getting a BSN, nursing students will have to take and pass an exam called the National Council Licensure Examination — RN (NCLEX-RN). When nursing students pass…show more content…
According to Essentials of Nursing Practice, a nurse is a profession that carries a role of directing the care of adults, children, and families. A nurse delivers care and support for patients so that his or her patient can have a good health condition (title article). The responsibilities of nurses are challenging because nurses have a variety of roles with patients that have different health situations, including mental health and disability. Therefore, nurses require the following responsibilities to secure and prevent future diseases thru patients’ physical conditions. For instance, nurses’ duties
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