Personal Narrative: A Career As A Pediatric Nurse

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Ever since I was young I was adamant to be a pediatric nurse. More than half the women in my life were nurses, so naturally, I grew up always wanting to be one. It wasn’t until I met Maria Wydra that I even considered a career in psychology. I had always been fond of my psychology classes but I never thought much about making it a career for myself. When the class was instructed to interview someone that’s career was of interest to us I thought of Maria right away. Maria Wydra has been a staff psychologist at Towson Universities counseling center for three years, making her general field to be psychology. In her role at the counseling center she also coordinates the sexual assault services along with training and education and working with Sexual Assault Peer Educators (SAPE). Ms. Wydra first went to college for her undergraduate degree in art and English literature. She then worked for ten years in publishing and public relations. Eventually, she grew restless of that career and began volunteering at a…show more content…
Maria is my boss at the counseling center and has been for three years now. I work under her as a sexual assault peer educator. I have weekly meetings with her and work with her when planning certain events that the SAPES may be doing throughout the semester such as the sex positive event that was held last spring. I have gotten to know Maria fairly well, making this interview feel like just another one of our weekly meetings. In conclusion, I was truly blessed to have Ms. Wydra be so generous with her time to allow me to interview her for this paper and or class. Without her I would have never been hired to be a peer educator along with never realizing my passion for psychology and more importantly therapy. Without her offering me a position in the counseling center I would have never been able to reach out to as many students as I have along with feeling like I’ve truly made a difference at Towson

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