Personal Narrative: A Career As A Pediatric Occupational Speaker

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Public speaking has never been for me. I have done many class presentations through my years at high school and I’m excited to say have slowly been getting better. When every I speak in public my face turns red, my hands began to sweat, and I begin to fidget. I would really like to overcome these nervous habits. Also, throughout the course I would love to learn enunciate my words and present a clear, concise speech. I have listen to motivational speakers and the way they speak with such confidence is fascinating. I hope that throughout this course I gain confidence in my speaking abilities. Learning about how to write better speeches is also a goal of mine because I am aware that writing a speech is just as important as the way a person presents the speech. Overall, my goals for this semester are overcoming my bad habits and learning about how to be a better presenter. My public speaking experience would most likely considered average to most high school students. During many of my classes I have been required to present, from presenting book reports to presenting research papers. My school schedules a seminar during 5th hour; this hour was set aside to help improve students reading rates. My…show more content…
To become a pediatric occupational therapist I must obtain my master’s degree. This means four more years of schooling after I receive my associate’s degree, with a total of six years. To receive my master’s degree I will most likely be put in the position of speaking in front of my classmates. When I am put into this situation I would like to be able to handle it under control. I know I will never be the world’s best public speaker but I am always ready to improve. Once I obtain my master’s degree and become a pediatric occupational therapist I will be expected to speak clearly and provide direct information to the children’s guardians. Public speaking is essential in every career and I hope to improve at the
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