Personal Narrative: A Career As A Physical Therapist

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During my junior year of high school was when my brother began skipping school and ignoring all of his school work. He would take the morning school bus just to prove to my mom he was going to school, but immediately get off the bus to go on a two hour walk back home to lock himself in his room. It was until we begin receiving automated messages from the school stating that my brother was absent for the day. He was diagnosed with mild autism and slight depression hindering his performance in school, his social life, and even life at home. When the matter was addressed, my brother would ignore all confrontation and suddenly go missing for a day. My mother expected me, the only other member in the family native to America, to resolve these issues…show more content…
The physical therapist I worked along side with became not only my first mentor, but also my role model. This physical therapist along with many other physical therapists that I have shadowed during my college career really gave me a first-hand experience to what patient care is all about. The relationship that these physical therapists had with their patients exemplified something that I was looking for in what I wanted to do with my life. One of the physical therapist could start off with questions like “how are the girls Bob?” or “how was that weekend trip to the cabin?” demonstrating a more developed relationship than a typical patient-doctor relationship, mirroring something like a friendship between the two. These types of relationships in patient care can truly make a difference a person’s life by not only making an impact on their physical well-being, but their emotional well-being…show more content…
Being born and raised in St. Paul, St. Catherine University is located in a very familiar and stimulating environment for me. I want to attend St. Catherine University not only for their outstanding and rigorous course load, but also the location of St. Catherine University will allow me to work at home. Attending this university will not only allow me to become a student for the physical therapy program, but also fulfill my responsibilities and duties that I have back at home. Also being born and raised in St. Paul, I want to be able to stay connected with my community by being actively involved throughout the neighborhood. My brother’s diagnoses have brought challenges for my family, but at an early stage in my life it has impacted the way I value helping others. My innate desire to help my brother through such a difficult time in his life has emphasized a new aspect of who I am as a person. This has transcribed and impacted other relations I have with other people and have shed a new light in the great satisfaction I get from helping others. This is why I want to become a physical therapist to not only rehabilitate their body’s back to good health, but to make an everlasting difference in people’s

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