Personal Narrative: A Career As A Pit Clerk

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Mr. Chilton, I am really horrible at writing these types of things, going on about myself and whatnot. Have me write you a story, that I can do; this whole trying to talk myself up thing, not so much. So, let me start this by telling you a story: A few months ago I got upgrade to full-time at the Aria as a Pit Clerk and was moved to swing shift. This being what was supposed to be a quick temporary job as started looking for work again as a Game Designer. On my first day of swing shift I’m walking over to Starbucks before work with two other Pit Clerks. Luba asks me what days off I got and I reply Monday and Tuesday. I start to explan why I really wanted Tuesday and Wednesday; because those are the nights I raid. I mention World of Warcraft and start going into my well-practiced and often repeated analogy of how raiding in a video game is like being in a softball league and so on. While I’m rambling on with all this, she starts digging her phone out of her purse. She holds it up to show me a picture, “Want to see who my best friend is married to?” Luba already knew of my background in video games and of course she offered to pass along my resume and introduction letter. Although I was…show more content…
I was hired as a designer at Auran Games and was quickly promoted to Lead Content Designer on what started as a full blown MMO for Hanbitsoft, but got whittled down into a self-published, fast-paced MMO style PvP game. Hanbitsoft had pulled out and the owners of Auran finally got their head around the cost and commitment for a full blown MMO. Thinking back on it, what we were trying to do, I realize we were just a little early and not thinking creatively enough to get what would become the DotA model a few years later. Our game, eventually named Fury, was rushed out too soon because having an extended finance plan that revolved around having your rich father give you your inheritance early isn’t really all that
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