Personal Narrative: A Career As A Senior Ambassador

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Throughout high school, there are many lessons you should learn along the way. One of the most important lessons to learn is leadership. Leadership not only is great for your overall character, but prepares you for any career outside of school I have worked really hard to be theater during high school. I always did everything that was needed and made sure to set a good example for underclassman in activities that I participated in. Last year, I applied to be a Senior Ambassador and I was very excited to find out I was accepted into the program. Being a senior ambassador is a great experience. Starting high school is a very difficult time in any student’s life. No amount of preparing can prepare you for how different high school is than any school you have ever been in. A senior ambassador allows you to directly be a part in lending a hand to freshman. It is important that while you get used to high school’s principles to not let important lessons get lost. Every week, we are given a different lesson to teach to our freshman, including respect, cyber bullying, and violence…show more content…
Since I was a freshman in high school, I have been a member of the Thespians Honor Society. Every year, a leadership team is elected to run the club, alongside the advisor. It is a student dominated club, and is fun to be a part of. Last year, I decided that I was going to run as Thespians President. I was qualified to run it and had many ideas that I wanted to have for the next school year. Sadly, I did not win Thespians President. It was a really tough time to learn that I had lost the election. I wanted to be able to lead the club with all my knowledge and suddenly I was no longer able to do that. Currently, I do my best to represent what an upperclassman should act like. Even though, I do not get to lead the club in that way, I still am a leader in the sense of representing what is required of
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