Personal Narrative: A Career As A Soccer Player

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Miranda Salazar

The soccer player was getting closer as my palms grew sweaty and the ball raced toward

me at speeds that seemed unreal. Being a goalie was not something I was fond of, but I embraced it

once my coach pleaded for me to play in this one game. The girl on the opposing team swung her

leg back and the black and white blob shot at me like a missile. My mind did not process what was

going on until my head flew back from a hard impact. After having to be walked off of the field

with a bruised ego and a stinging face, soccer just was not my cup of tea anymore.

Growing up, I’ve always had a passion for sports, despite playing them not being my

favorite past time. Watching and cheering on a handful of beloved teams with my
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“First, spray a light coat of tape adhesive.” Learning how to tape was not an easy task,

my impatient attitude always got the best of me. Frustration traveled through my body like waves

of a stormy sea whenever I held a roll of athletic tape in my hands. Being a student athletic training

aide has molded me into someone who can overcome difficult situations. There were too many

times to count in which I nearly gave up on my efforts. Initially, I would choke up and do

everything I could in order to get out of taping and having to face the fact that I was not the best at

it. Eventually, as I practiced in my free time and put my all into the task, I prevailed and finally got

to work with the athletes on that level. Knowing that I was capable of aiding athletes throughout

the seasons has made me feel as though I was doing something for the greater good.

“Take the initiative in all that you do.” Working with different people daily can get busy-

duties can be mixed up and often, time can slip away while one is in the middle of a
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