Personal Narrative: A Career As A Speech-Language Pathologist

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The Speech and Language Pathology field began in the 18th Century in England. In the United States, the American Academy of Speech Correction was established in 1926. Beginning in 1940’s and 1950’s, Speech and Language Pathology researchers, and doctors started to focus on brain processing abilities. Many veterans from the war at the time began to come home, and many had brain trauma that affected their speech (Duchan 1).
During 1960 to 1980, linguistic studies enhanced the speech-language pathologist's ability to treat many different types of language delays and disorders in people of many ages. Currently, in the 21st Century, Speech and Language Pathologists have begun further research to resolve a variety of disorders associated with communication (Duchan 1).

Why Speech-Language Pathologist?
Ever since I was in High school, I always wanted to become a nurse. At the age of 17 I took a course in Hospital Occupations that eventually lead me to
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Since there are so many different job settings every SLP will experience different days. For Megan Sutton a SLP that blogs about her daily work day, she says that the variety of work is what makes this job so interesting. She works in an inpatient rehab center. Her typical day is starting rounds to her patients, preparing report documents, and communicating her findings with the nurses and doctors. There is a lot of writing at the end of the day. Megan has to write up reports on how her patients have changed. Especially during meal times. She has to make sure to observe how effectively the patient is swallowing their food without aspirating. She does take a lunch break. After her meal break she has a conference with some of her patients family members to let them know how their family member is doing and what they can do to help. “I spend the last hour of my day typing up my assessment and treatment plan” (Sutton). It seems that technical writing is a big part of her
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