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Throughout my Life and high school career I have spent many hours with teachers and coaches. I have had many experiences, but the one that stands out most to me is my former cheerleading coach and gym teacher, Ms. Traska. She coached our team with no background in cheerleading. She brought us closer as a team and being part of this team has made a difference in my life. The two years that Ms. Traska coached were the most fun, productive, and memorable years that I have been on the team. When we Cheered the entire team but everything we had into in. There were moments when we were tired and worked too hard, but there were never moments when we didn't have fun. There is never a moment when I don't miss the fun we all had riding the bus to away games, helping each other get ready, and or course cheering our hearts out.…show more content…
We stunted at almost every game, and cheered at every game all season. Without Ms. Traska pushing us to be the best we could we wouldn't have done as much. People were always impressed when they saw us perform. We practiced everyday and never gave up. This experience taught me that even when something gets tough, I can overcome it.
Cheerleading is one of, if not the best memory I have from high school. Ms. Traska made all of us not only think about cheerleading but also made us think about each other. I don't think that I would be as close to my cheerleading girls as I am without her as a coach. She kept as organized and helped make us all have our own responsibilities on the team. All of this is what I find so memorable about those 4 cheerleading seasons.
I can honestly say I miss having Ms. Traska as a coach. On her team we had fun, we were productive, and we made memories. My Cheerleading experience has truly made me a better person. I will take all of the things that Ms. Traska taught me with me on my college
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