Personal Narrative: A Career In Football

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When I was a younger, I wanted to be a football player. I didn’t want to receive adulation and praise from everyone; I just wanted to play the sport, which I enjoyed. However, because I am female, it was considered an infraction to play football. I wasn’t necessarily breaking the law, but it was just against the norm. You didn’t occasionally see girls playing football. However, the idea of being unable to play football due to my gender was anathema to me. In addition, I was filled with tremendous consternation and bewilderment because I wasn’t able to understand the reason why they didn’t want me on the team. I tried out for the varsity. When I was at the tryouts, I remember that I looked around at the other boys; some of their faces had…show more content…
I occasionally heard the boys make crass and insensitive comments about me. They were working on the supposition and assumption that I wanted to be on the football team for attention. I heard them say that my ambitions for being on the football team were grandiose and just for show. You could say that they thought that my acts were thought to be pretentious. They believed that I didn’t sincerely want to be apart of the football team. The team essentially thought that I only joined for avarice and greed. You could even say that they impugned and questioned my sincerity of being on the team.
With me being present on the team, we were able to have an undefeated season; I was also known statewide for being a girl on my school’s varsity football team. To add on, I was also known for being an astute kicker on the team; I was skillful enough with my kicks. As my coach says, I am “right on the money”.
I soon realized that the team was torn by dissension because I was there. I felt irresolute and hesitant about my decision of joining the football team. I didn’t want to be the one that desecrated and dishonored the team chemistry of the football team. For instance, the boys on the football team had a special bond together, but now they were all fighting because of
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