Personal Narrative: A Career In Homer's Odyssey

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Growing up in a family that placed a value on learning, as a child, I was exposed to the Homer 's Odyssey. Although there are many lessons to be gleaned from the tale and as I grow and explore the world different passages come to mind there is one that has maintained relevancy. The two Sirens (although other’s dispute Homer’s numbering).
I had the luck to be exposed to computers at an early age and quickly developed a passion for using and then developing various programs during the 1990’s. I first earned money doing so while still in high school. At the same time the post-secondary education, which for a variety of factors, was no longer being billed as an institute for broad learning but instead a vehicle to a good career. With my technical abilities already able to compete professionally I heeded the Siren’s call of earning money and let the ship of my academic career crash. Several times.
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At this point one might argue the more apt allegory would be Faust but at least he was aware of the deal he was making. I was duped into believing that on the ability to deliver working software products and systems that I was going to have a fulfilling career and be able to enjoy a well-rounded life. Now no one has lied to me about the career, but when I speak to those who stuck it out at got a Bachelors and how no matter where their lives take them they will always have that achievement I am remorseful.
I needlessly bifurcated how to earn my daily bread and my desire to learn. Therefore, having settled in firmly with a large company here in Seguin I am applying to Texas Lutheran University fully committed on graduating with a Bachelors of Business Administration with a focus in Marketing, minoring in Mexican-American

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