Personal Narrative: A Career In Medicine

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The challenge of positively impacting others’ lives was one of the things that led me into medicine. When I decided to pursue a career in medicine I wasn’t sure which specialty I wanted to dedicate my life to. Throughout my years in medical school several experiences helped guide my decision into choosing oncology as a career. For instance, anatomy and physiology was my favorite class and the one I looked forward to every week. It lend me the opportunity to open a real bodies and explore how disease projects in the body. During this course I realized that in medicine, I wanted to do things that I could see immediate results. As I progressed through medical school, internal medicine rotation confirmed what I wanted. I was able to receive patients…show more content…
Qualities that I have been able to develop from high school to medical school. I have demonstrated to be an efficient group worker. During my educational years I have had the opportunity to work in different settings from research laboratories to extracurricular activities were group work is essential for the accomplishment of our goals. Not only being able to work together with many different personalities but also to make important decisions that will influence successful outcomes. After transferring to Ohio State from Puerto Rico as an undergraduate, I was able to successfully adapt and work in a different environment with a different language in order to work together with a group of people of different backgrounds. This work led to the publication of two research papers. I look forward to continuing teamwork and strengthening these qualities as a resident. During my surgical oncology rotations, I was able to develop and practice analytical skills that are necessary in order to effectively diagnose and treat. In addition, I was given the opportunity to further develop communication skills when conferring with patients and technical skills with the surgical team.
One of the reasons I decided to partake in this medical field is the various roles an oncologist possesses. While attending these emotionally and physically demanding disease, we act not only as healers
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