Personal Narrative: A Career In Music Therapy

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I am at my first stages in undertaking the large task of becoming a music therapist. I believe that music therapy is the use of music to obtain a non-musical goal. There are many steps in this process, such as evaluating the clients’ needs, obtaining a rapport, establishing long and short term goals, and learning the clients’ style, speed, and learning style. I believe that in music therapy, anyone that has a problem, being that of mental, physical or social nature, can prosper from the use of music. I believe that music is hardwired into everyone. For example, everyone (living) has a heartbeat, pulse, respirations, which all can be set to a rhythm or beat. When I think of someone’s cultural background I think of many different examples. For…show more content…
In volunteer work, always being a tutor for extra help in music, or being an extra hand and always asking others if they needed help. To this day I still follow these traits. I had gotten my Emergency Medical Technician certification and volunteer in my hometown and hopefully up here at Pittsford. In my experience with music therapy, I had done an internship where I had the opportunity to observe music therapy. It gave me such a wider experience to the application of music. Never had I thought that music would be able to change someone short term and long term. Mistakenly I had decided to go in the track of music education because I loved helping people learn the violin and thought that that would be the correct path for me. The keywords are “helping people”. After some of my music education classes, I knew that it wasn’t the correct fit for me. I reestablished myself and rediscovered Nazareth College. I had applied here when I was going for my initial school choice. In the most recent years after my grandfather had passed away. My grandmother had moved in with us as it became to worry some for my mother to take care of her and for her to be alone all day. I had always played violin for my grandparents when I would go over to their house. I continue to this day to liven my grandmothers day by playing violin for hours on end. The great thing about music is that it stimulated the mind to try and understand the

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