Personal Narrative: A Career In Nursing

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Nursing, and everything that it entails, cannot be easily described in just one simple word or phrase. It goes beyond the meaning of a profession and the stereotypical definition of treating the ill. Nursing is the “protection, promotion, and optimization of health and abilities, prevention of illness and injury, alleviation of suffering through the diagnosis and treatment of human response, and advocacy in the care of individuals, families, communities, and populations” (American Nurses Association, 2010, p. 1). Therefore, it is a career that requires dedication, passion, critical thinking, and knowledge. It demands commitment and an understanding of its core values and concepts, as well as the nurse’s own personal philosophy and principles.…show more content…
The reason I chose to become a nurse was due to my strong desire to help those in need. The profession of nursing, itself, is guided by human dignity, altruism, trust, and compassion (Shahriari, Mohammadi, Abbaszadeh, & Bahrami, 2013). I realized that the underlying values of nursing are parallel to my own personal philosophies, and therefore played a role in my decision to becoming a nurse. However, the overlap in values was not the only factor in my decision. Four years ago, my mother became pregnant with her third child and I was her support system throughout her entire pregnancy. During this time, I noticed the difference in care provided between the doctor and the nurse. The nurse offered a more trusting relationship, emphasized the use of holistic care, and provided empathy, which was much appreciated. Thereafter, I began volunteering at Lowell General Hospital and experienced my own interpersonal relationships with the outpatients. I felt truly satisfied during my time there, as I was able to apply my values and experience the gratitude and warmth that radiated from each patient that I helped. Therefore, I chose to pursue a career in nursing, as it is similarly based on my own beliefs and makes me feel like I make a difference in the lives of every person that I…show more content…
In becoming one, I hope to accomplish many things. I want to be able to utilize the skills and knowledge that I have developed and apply them to the best of my ability in the care of my patients. By doing so, I will make an impact on the lives of every patient that I meet. Furthermore, I will continue to learn throughout my practice by continually researching new proven methods of care and eventually contributing to the improvement of health care in the future. Overall, I envision myself to not only be a care provider, but also a leader, researcher, advocate, and educator (Yoost & Crawford, 2016). Lastly, as I work with patients, families, and members of my community, I will strive to uphold all ethical standards and treat everyone with respect and dignity, in addition to being culturally sensitive and embracive of
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