Personal Narrative: A Career In Ohio

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was born in Dayton Ohio on March 14th in 2003. I have 1 older brother (Wesley VanZant) and he is 15. My favorite football teams are the Denver Broncos and the Ohio State Buckeyes. My whole family loves to play and watch sports. My brother gets crazy when his favorite teams are playing and make a touchdown. When I was in kindergarten I broke my arm in two spots. How I broke my was my brother and I were having a cartwheel contest. I decided to do a running round-off and I landed the wrong way. When I was little I danced but when I broke my arm I quit dance. I also quit soccer because I had to have bubble wrap around my arm so I didn’t hurt anyone. It sucked!! My best friends are Abby Utsinger, Maycie Davidson, Shelby Gearhart, Rachel Beeler,…show more content…
I have been dancing a total of 4 years including when I was little and this is my 5th year. Liberty, Rachel, and I all dance at the same dance studio. I dance at Miss. Margaret 's in Brookville, Ohio. I also started to do tumbling a couple of years ago. I take tumbling at Danielle 's Dance Academy in Eaton, Ohio. I can do a cartwheel, round-off, handstand, one-handed cartwheel, and a back handspring with a spot. A spot is someone who is there in case you fall they also try to make sure you don’t fall. My favorite subjects are Math and Social Studies. My favorite teachers are Mr.Wilker and Mr. Shmitmeyer but I like all of my teachers. I like school but I am very tired when I get home. Have you ever been to Jump Zone? I love that place it is so much fun. It is basically an indoor trampoline place. They also have a foam pit and you can do flips off of a trampoline into the foam pit. I love to do flips off into the foam pit. They dodgeball and basketball. My favorite is the trampoline squares. I love doing flips on them. I also like doing toe touches. It is so much…show more content…
I am thinking about doing track this year but haven’t decided yet. I don’t think I am good at running but my friends and family say I am ran a mile in eight minutes this year which is very good for me.
Some things I don’t like are country music, wearing all black, having my hair down, my brother, reading books, chicken, seafood especially fish. GROSS!! I also don’t like the Bengals or Basketball. I also get to be a dancer in our church 's Christmas program. A couple of weeks ago I got to go to Springfield with my church and it was a Ohio State Youth Convention for christians to gather. This summer I am going to San Antonio Texas with my church for another youth convention. I am very excited to go but am worried about the plane crashing. I get scared about the things that could happen but not very likely. For my future I would like to play volleyball for a long time and when I go to college I want to be on their volleyball
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