Personal Narrative: A Career In Professional Sports

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“Let 's go Ari, you got this!” Coach Chop -- head coach of Florida Flash (baseball team) -- yelled as Ari -- full name is Ari Soles -- stared down the pitcher. “Ping,” the bat screamed as the ball went soaring into left-center field. Everyone in the crowd and the dugout -- team 's bench area and is located in foul territory between home plate and either first or third base -- screamed to congratulate Ari. Although Ari never believes in himself, so he ran towards first base with an “that was just luck” look on his face. Even though he didn’t look that happy, the crowd still tried to encourage him.
Later on the game finishes with a win, Florida Flash 5 and Team Matrix 2, and Ari got two line drive base hits. “Good job today Ari!” Coach Chop exclaimed as he put his arm around Ari to express that he cares and it proud of Ari. “Hey Ari, you have been doing great out there lately! Are you willing to become noticeable or stand out from the team because with more practice you can be a superstar out on the field? I really want you to become a smarter baseball player because this is a thinking game, and if you don’t focus then you can get blindsided, or someone else can take your place.” “I
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The tournaments are usually two days, so Saturday is a guarantee two games, while Sunday -- also named ‘Championship Sunday’ -- is just play until your team loses a game -- in other words ‘single elimination.’ On Saturday Ari’s team loss one, but won a game so they play at 10 o’clock, and they are placed in the quarterfinals round -- which means that they must win two games (quarterfinals and semifinals) in order to be part of the championship. Last night, Ari realized that he wanted to play this game for money in the future so he immediately started to workout -- sit-ups, push-ups, and swing his heavy wood bat to build up his forearm
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