Personal Narrative: A Career In Psychology

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I get bored very quickly. This has always been a weakness of mine, whether it is with new people, new hobbies, or new places. If there isn 't something to keep me interested I leave as soon as possible. Due to this affliction I had brief stints in many sports: cheerleading, martial arts, gymnastics, track, etc. This means I also switch between possible careers as well. I was set on veterinary medicine for the longest time, making me think I had finally found my calling until I took psychology. Unlike my other frenzied obsessions, psychology has been a casual hobby throughout my life. This is due to two very different variables: my shyness and my father.
As a child, I never made friends within five minutes like my brothers. I was, and still am, very introverted and withdrawn. I could go days without leaving my house. I was usually reading or off in my own world. But as I got older, my school 's curriculum began incorporating more and more social assignments. All of these kids who had grown up together were very loud and comfortable with each other. Even the usually quiet kids grew to become more extroverted. And then there was me.
Even as a young kid, I understood who I was. I refused to be influenced and spoke only when I needed to. I
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Now that I had a possible career field, I decided to look into the specific jobs. There was one in particular that caught my eye due to the TV show "Criminal Minds." Behavior analysts use their profiling skills to explain a suspect 's behavior and help predict it. They also build basic profiles on categories of crimes. I looked into the average day of a behavior analyst and it fit my criteria perfectly. In all the interviews, the professionals mention the excitement and unpredictable workplace days that would keep my interest. My hobby of people watching would suddenly become a useful trade in my day-to-day work life. My quiet personality that taught me to observe my surroundings would be applied to more than just apathetic
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