Personal Narrative: A Career In Public Health

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I feel this speaker covered more than just one field or subject, all of which I really did not have much background knowledge on. I was only familiar with epidemiology because one of my good friends had planned to major in it, which I knew was the study of diseases; other than that I didn’t know the actual meaning of public health, I knew it related to health but I didn’t know what is exactly was. Prior to the speaker, any career of this type has never really caught my interest in any way; I have no interest in public health, more so in medical care. Pamela had mentioned that she had graduated from our very own Springfield college; she did not include her previous job but she currently works at Springfield College as the assistant professor…show more content…
I now understand that there is a difference between public health and medical care; in medicine the patients is the individual but in public health the patient is the community. There are three care functions of public health which are assessment, policy development, and assurance. Careers in public health include: Epidemiology, Biomedical Sciences, Environmental health science, Social and Behavioral science, etc. This career is very broad and there are really countless careers you can go into. You can get undergraduate, masters, and doctoral degrees in public health; someone undergraduate courses you would be required to take include: Health law, Maternal and Child Health, Global Health, Nutrition and Public Health, and many other health courses such as those. My level of interest in this field actually has gone up because it seems to have a lot of different oppurtunites and also a lot of different paths I could choose from. I feel with public health I wouldn’t be restricted to just one age group or one environment and I could present myself with lots of choices. Professor Higgin’s really did spark my interest in this field because for a while I had only set my mind to nursing but I never exactly looked at public health. Things like epidemiology I find very fascinating but I also know it could be very challenging and I’m not sure I could handle
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