Personal Narrative: A Career In The Criminal Justice System

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The job I am going to discuss that is within the criminal justice system is a criminal profiler. For those who are unclear about what a career in criminal profiling entails, an author by the name of Brent Turvey evaluates the job clearly as follows, “a discipline that will necessitate the careful evaluation of physical evidence, collected and properly analyzed by a team of specialists from different areas, for the purpose of systematically reconstructing the crime scene, developing a strategy to assist in the capture of the offender, and thereafter aiding in the trial” (Fintzy, 2000, n.p.). This type of career generally requires a background in forensics and psychology. A criminal profiler is responsible for figuring out a suspect’s motivation for committing crime and creating a suspect profile. Therefore, criminal profilers are motivated to find the suspect, and also figure out why crime was committed. This job is rewarding because if the suspect is caught, then another dangerous person is taken off the streets. I would motivated to do the best I can…show more content…
I want to emphasize the importance of the job because the core of criminal profiling is removing criminals from society, and keeping the citizens safe from danger. But, on the other hand doing too much work can be detrimental to both the individual and the agency. I would deemphasize working long days to prevent burning out and dissatisfaction in one’s ability to conduct a strong profile. Analytical thinking is also an enormous part of the job, and if one is tired and stressed out from working long days, that can take a toll on the mind. I think criminal profilers must decrease the case loads and work less hours, and assign each person a couple of tasks at a time in order to do the job more
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