Personal Narrative: A Career In The Field Of Coaching

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Coaching has many different fields that goes along with the job. For instance, there is baseball, softball, tennis, track, cross country, basketball, and football. All these different types of sports require coaches. Some of these fields of coaching require more practice, time, and patience than others. The most time consuming sport would have to be football, this would be a good job for people who have allot of free time. There is allot to be put into being a high school football coach. Coaching someone to win takes allot of heart and time. Coaching football requires duties/ responsibilities such as setting the field up for games, coaching the players the right plays for the upcoming game, and provide transportation to the away games. Coaching…show more content…
So, when I am out there on that football field coaching and the players do what they suppose to do you can bet that we will have a good game. I think football holds a special spot in a heart of people who lives in a small town like Metter Georgia. Friday night football games is what a big portion of what people in Metter Georgia look forward to every week because it is fun to watch the players because they are full of energy and heart, and it is just nice to see a good tackle on the field. Helping the players to be the men who they can so well be is a big part why I want to be a coach as well as helping them gain some enjoyment and something to look forward to every week, helping a player like that might not sound like something much but it is something that them players will never forget and you will be the influence of their future life, whatever that life may be weather it is being a law enforcement officer, doctor, or NFL football player, not matter what it is they do you will be the influence because you coached them to be that successful person that they became. Things like that is what makes me want to be a High School
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