Personal Narrative: A Career In Theatre

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Authors, song writers, poets, playwrights, lyricists, narrators, painters, and directors all have one thing in common: storytelling. These people have the ability to take their knowledge and tools given to tell a clear story to an audience, whether they be in a theatre, gallery, or bookstore. What most people don 't realize is that there are many more storytellers in the world. We live deep down and come out when the lights shine on designers are a great example. As a senior in high school, I have been gifted with theatre as a life-changing event.

I have been a great part of my theatre at my high school and have managed to find self-worth and a future that is awaiting only my presence. I have come a long way from dropping out of a play six years ago to light designing and programming an entire production on my own. But, I didn 't just light design it, I told a story with a specific tool given to em. My job is to take light fixtures and enhance a story. Theatre has taught me that without stories, we 'd live in a world full of unknown thoughts, but more specifically, lighting has opened me up to a new world where theatre is the only thing present. It has taught me to be that I am knowledgable, artistic, and most importantly, good
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Theatre was able to lessen and just about cause my self-doubt to vanish. I have come up from a dark place of feeling my work is not good enough, as if my ability is lacking potential. Over the course of my final year in high school, theatre has showed me where my true home is. I find that I belong in a setting full of imagination, diversity, and of course, lighting. My skills in the field of lighting design and control are far beyond satisfactory and I am able to believe that. Lighting design has showed me what I am capable of and shaped me into the designer I am
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