Personal Narrative: A Change In Kindergarten

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When I was growing up, I thought that I was a perfectly good girl and will always be correct. But that all changed in Kindergarten. I was wrong. I was over of what I thought. My name was Emma. This was probably the biggest secret I ever kept. On the first day of school, I meet new friends. I meet this girl named Violet. She was basically I think my only friend in 1st grade. We talked a while and it turns out she goes to the same after school as me. We meet at after school and we talked about life. When I was done with my homework, we had recess and then suddenly I see this random girl crying. I went up to her and asked her what happened. She said her parents haven 't picked her up yet. I bought her to my after school teacher and she said she 's going to take care of it. There is one thing I haven’t told you. I was bullied those girls when I was hanging out with them. I couldn’t really tell if she was sad or happy. I just know that Jesus Christ did something way better than me.…show more content…
In second grade, I meet other friends named Paisley and Abby. After when we became besties, I started to act like the leader in from all of them. They were never like Rosa Parks. Imagine I was the police and my friends were Rosa Parks. In conclusion, I’m just saying that my friends never stood up.
In fourth grade, it was a day of sadness. My friend’s parents had contacted the principal and told him all about me. He had a talk to me and he said he’s going to tell my parents. That was probably the worst day in my life.
Now I notice that doing the right thing also known as kindness and honesty is doing the right thing and the easy way is also known as blaming others and lying. After all of these things had happen to my life, I figured that doing the right thing is better even though if it is hard. Doing the wrong thing is very hideous to see because you had do the wrong

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