Personal Narrative: A Change In Pop Culture

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As the music began to play, I felt the vibrations cutting through my lungs. The lights shot with electricity into the air. Slowly the stars arise from the stage and I felt every cell in my body freeze. Everything froze. The lights. The music. There I was seeing my favorite artists in person. There they were in front of me. Here I am where I belong. Back in May I was able to snatch a couple of tickets to the annual KCON, Which held a 2 night concert. This year the concert consist some of the newest and biggest stars from n korea. Of course with the popularity the tickets to the event was tremendously difficult to attain. I remember asking everyone in my class to open up a computer to help me get the tickets, even my teacher joined in as…show more content…
Coming here, I felt practically disconnected. Kpop here is basically a foreign conception. No one knew kpop even existed. This was quite a culture shock compared to where u grew up. However, I was always able to stay updated and connected through social media from different parts of the countries and the world. I was always amazed by the fact how foreign fans were able to maintain their connections with the artisits. I started listening to kpop for about a year and a half so far, and it is amazing how through social media, I was able to learn so much about not simply just Korean culture, but other countries such as China and japan. I was able to connect the origins of languages such as mandarin Chinese, to Korean and vietnamese. Through fan accounts and different pages they monitor I was able to keep up with the Korean artists without really knowing Korean and being in korea. It is extremely amazing how kpop fans not only maintain their artist popularity but are able to build and bring in more fans as well. Through my recent experience, I thought it would be interesting to use this as my research topic, to analyze how and what the fans are doing to reach out to foreign communities in order to bring more popularity for the artists in
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