Personal Narrative: A Child

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It’s already September! Getting up was tiresome. I played my guitar and then did my morning routine. I wore black shorts with pink stripe and a Blackhawks shirt. I ate Cherry Chocolate Yopliat Whip for breakfast and milk. My and I sat next together on the bus. At school, we ate breakfast. I was Mini Cinnamon Toast. My doesn’t like all the cinnamon things we’ve been having. I talked to Zarina and Bethany. Since it is Tuesday we have advisory. A class that last 20 minutes where you discuss things. Its usually very quiet in the class with 10-15 students. I have Mrs.Smith. We got funky cards and wrote our names on it and 3 facts. We then had to read them out. In language arts we got 15 minutes to read. I read A Child Called “It”,it’s true story about a boy who was severely abused (beaten,drowned,burned,starved,and was treated like a slave by his mother.…show more content…
After eating, we went on Goodreads to update our reading progress on our current reading. I usually help Zarina out with her Chromebook things since she doesn’t know where we are at or how to really use
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