Personal Narrative: A Cure For Alzheimer's Disease

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There is a cure for Alzheimer 's disease. During my teen years, I watched my grandmother succumb to Alzheimer 's. I still have not forgotten what it was like for her to stare directly, yet at the same time blankly, into my eyes and ask me where I was. Except she wasn’t looking for me, she was looking for a 6- year-old. When I would try and tell her that I was the person she was looking for, she wouldn’t believe me. After all, a 16 year old granddaughter was not something that existed in her mind in that moment. It was both heart breaking and frustrating to see someone that I cared for so greatly go through something that I could not help her with. I saw her slowly deteriorate into her own mind, and there was nothing I could do to stop it.

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