Personal Narrative: A Day At Camelback Mountain

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It was one of those scorching summer day that always brought the same circumstances day in and day out. Dehydration, strokes, hyperthermia, and fevers were just some of the conditions that happen to people on a typical summer day in the Grand Canyon State. Also, weather was always a vigorous barricade that strained people from being active outside, but that would not restrain me from backpacking Camelback Mountain. I’ve heard numberless intimidating stories about people dying as well as obtaining severe injuries, but that was not about to terrify me. Today was the day that I was going to overcome my fears by hiking one of the uttermost difficult mountains in Arizona, Camelback Mountain. On the drive there I was constantly contemplating with…show more content…
The hill seemed completely vertical with plenty of rocks followed by enormous boulders The only way up the mountain was this elevated summit with an unstable hand rail for assistance. While continuing up the hill, I felt much the same as Spider-man climbing a soaring building. Haltingly, I made it up the hill filled with exhaustion as well as fear. After that effortful climb we continued up the mountain at a fair pace. After about an hour of continuous hiking we stopped for a water break. The blazing sun was not cutting us any slack, it was over a 100 degrees and rising. My sweat was dripping from all parts of the body and I felt very lightheaded. The sun was beginning to feel hotter and hotter with every breath I took. Fighting through the exhaustion I stood up, continuing up the mountain. I cumbersomely followed behind my uncle until the very top. The gentle breeze forgave us from the smoldering heat. There was an American flag in honor of Memorial Day along with an Arizona flag. Persevering through the heat my body began to ache. Hiking this mountain made me feel much achievable. I will never forget how I stepped outside my comfort zone to enjoy the values that nature has to offer as well as my maximum
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