Personal Narrative: A Day At Compost For Brooklyn

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A neighbor drops off four yogurt containers worth of banana peels, frozen oranges, and rotten lettuce into the bucket as I weigh a bunch of gloppy food scraps. After weighing the food scraps, I mix them with brown leaves and pour the concoction into a composting tumbler. The work is tiring but oddly satisfying. After two hours, I clean and put away the tools in the shed. Then the shift leader locks the door, which marks the end of the volunteer shift. This is a typical day at Compost for Brooklyn. Compost for Brooklyn is a community composting project located in Kensington. The founder, Louise Bruce, took the time to create this thriving garden from an empty unused lot. The work there may seem complicated at first but is actually very simple. There are two volunteer days, Thursday and Saturday or Sunday. Every Thursday, volunteers dedicate their time to tending the garden. The second day alternates between Saturday and Sunday and on either day, volunteers dedicate their time to composting.…show more content…
For example, people usually throw away food scraps, which contributes to overcrowded landfills. A solution to this problem is compost because it is made out of food scraps, therefore it will stop landfills from overflowing. This saves space for us because it is impossible to get rid of trash without burning it and that contributes to global warming. Not only that, compost helps plants grow without any crazy pesticides that is commonly used in our food. One day, if we disappear, the environment will be just fine. The earth will continue to rotate without us. But little actions like volunteering at your local garden could not only help plants but humanity as a whole. And I would have never learned all of this information if I never volunteered for Compost for Brooklyn. To others, Compost for Brooklyn may be an insignificant little garden, but to me, it 's a place of learning an appreciation for the environment and
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