Personal Narrative: A Day At Glacier Bay National Park

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When mom said we were traveling to Glacier Bay National Park, I was horrified. I had planned my entire summer from start to finish, and now I had to spend it in the middle of Alaska. I implored her not to go, but she said we would bond with nature. Whatever that means. After spending a day in Glacier Bay National Park, boy was I wrong. Glacier Bay isn’t just a park, it’s a national treasure. The things I saw and did proved that. When we arrived by boat, we headed to our cabin. It was a small wooded lodge on the mountain summit. I was still irritated that I was here, but I tried to make the best of it. Mom said that we were going for a walk, therefore, I decided to join. What an astonishing experience it was. So many exquisite birds, grizzly…show more content…
During our paddle, I saw sea otters, sea lions, humpback whales, and tons of fish. I was fascinated and didn’t want to leave. Next, I tried a new activity I never thought I could do; mountaineering. I said I was going to stay back, but mom pushed me to try it even though I was scared of heights. That night, I watched the stars flash across the sky, and the icebergs glisten in the night. I learned about many remarkable animals and plants living in the region. Most of all, I learned what makes Glacier Bay so exceptional and a national treasure. It’s that it is a place people come to relax in solitude and truly experience nature. Even though I didn’t want to come on this trip, i’m glad I did because Glacier Bay is a place I was able to truly discover myself. I was perplexed at why mom chose Glacier Bay over other more well known national parks, but I understand after being here. It’s the fact that you don’t have to go anywhere or do anything to see the park’s beauty. Glacier Bay calls those who crave adventure and exhilaration. Surrounded by water, the park’s dark sky, faint lights, glistening icebergs, reflection on the water, and its snowy mountains helps you loosen up and just appreciate nature. After spending only one day in Glacier Bay, I knew that the rest of the week would be
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