Personal Narrative: A Day At Grapeland Falls

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The day was winding down as Stan and his newlywed wife, Allison drove towards the forest of Grapeland Falls, an hour from their home. The young couple, ages 20 and 19 respectively, married young and couldn’t yet afford a honeymoon, or at least the honeymoon they wanted. They decided to hold off on the “dream” honeymoon for a year or two and for now take weekend trips to areas near their home in Venure County California that they has always neglected. Grapeland Falls was one of those areas, a place where tourists travels hundreds if not thousands of miles to come and see in person, but locals ignore like their great aunt who lives just a few miles away. Allison was particularly excited. She loved camping and would have visited Grapeland Falls before if it wasn’t for a string of bad luck.…show more content…
Her father, a avid fisherman, promised to take her fishing in Grapeland Falls for her birthday. Allison wasn’t a big fan of fishing --”all you do is just sit around for hours waiting to catch a fish and then you throw it back -- but she loved camping, sleeping under the stars and spending time with her father. This occasion, however, wasn’t meant to be, at least according to her father. Her grandmother, who had been diagnosed with skin cancer eight months prior, had succumbed to the vile disease forcing her father to cancel the trip. “We’ll go another weekend, I promise,” her father said. Unfortunately, the summer came and went with out her so much as setting a foot inside Grapeland Falls. The second occurrence happened a few years later when she was in eighth grade. Her parents promised if she and her brother both made the A and B honor roll for the school, the whole family would spend the weekend in the forest camping. Allison knew she would be able to maintain that high of an average, her brother on the other hand was a different
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