Personal Narrative: A Day At Liberty Ski

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1. 2.X 2.X 3.X 4.X 5.X 6.X 7.X 8.X 9.X 10.X The cold breeze came upon me, as I was looking down the slope, sitting on the soft sheet of snow and repeating in my mind I will succeed, then I was gone like a Ferrari going full speed in a race. At December 27, 2016, we were on the highway on Emmitsburg, MD on our way to Liberty Ski Resort to snowboard and ski for 8 hours. The 2 cars that my friends and I were in was Ben, Kevin, Joshua, Steve (me), Timothy. We all excited like never before, first, we would be dropped off at Liberty Ski resort, for 4 hours and have a thirty minutes break, then go back to the ski resort. Second, we would go back snowboarding and going skiing for the rest of 4 hours. Third, we go to the hotel then to swim in the swimming pool and to relax for at least 2 hours.…show more content…
My friends and I changed to our snowboarding gear which was a heavy jacket ( if you are a beginner like me), gloves, ski goggles, hat, snowboarding boots, and of course a snowboard. Now my friends and I were ready to snowboard, so then my friends and the adults paid for our passes to go in the ski resort. As I was walking I saw ski lifts going to high slopes and people having fun like it was no sweat, so I started to feel confident in
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