Personal Narrative: A Day At Mahoney Golf Log

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It was a cool day in the middle of spring. The trees were blowing, the ground was soft and wet and it was a great day to be playing golf at Mahoney Golf Course. This was our last tournament of the season as a team. I started out putting and chipping on the putting green. I remember I could tell I was going to have a great game because of how close I was putting the ball to the hole. There was one putt that I made that was nearly fifteen feet across a curving green. As time passed, more of my team members arrived along with the teams from other schools. Pretty soon, the first players were teeing off the number one tee. I watched my teammates tee off, hearing their drivers connect to the ball with a ping, and then see their ball streaking away toward the fairway or just left or right of it. Soon it was my turn and I went to the tee box to meet the players I was competing with that day. After we exchanged scorecards so that nobody would accuse another of cheating, we teed off. My first shot went far and to the left of the fairway but it was okay because the first hole was a dogleg to the left (A dogleg is when a hole goes straight for a…show more content…
This was one of four or five pars I made that day at Mahoney. I realize that those pars were the result of the hard work and practice I went through the past weeks. After I had made the team, practices started right away. I looked forward to these practices every single day after school. I especially enjoyed playing a round of nine holes with my friend Zach and a new friend I had made named John. We all had fun regardless of whether or not we had a bad round, or if the weather was bad. At Mahoney, the weather did worsen a bit as the day wore on. There was this sharp rain that made you squint when it came straight to your face. By the end of the first nine holes, both my socks were soaked but I still was playing well. This weather was bad, but not as terrible as my first tournament, which was beyond
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