Personal Narrative: A Day At The Apostolic Nursing Home

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The average person wakes up to their alarm clock at about 6:30 am on weekdays and sleeps in on the weekends, not Bethany Spradlin. She wakes up every morning at 5am and to her snooze is not an option. Jumping out of bed she gets dressed for her job as a CNA at the Apostolic Nursing Home that is thirty minutes from her home. She walks up the stairs to her parents bedroom and kisses them goodbye before making her siblings lunches for school. Once she packs the various fruit snacks, PB&J, and juice boxes into their appropriate container she leaves her parents home. Her mother often mentions how great it is that she does this for her family on top of everything else she does. On her way to work, Bethany will stop at her home in Metamora to see her fiance that will soon be leaving for the military this coming January. She says that even though they currently only see each other on the weekends,…show more content…
When they get back to the school they begin cleaning everything they used. Pots, bowls, and other dishwear. Once the dishes are finished she heads to bed exhausted, knowing she will have to wake up at 5am and do the same thing again. After she repeats this for five days before packing her bag and heading back home. On the way home she catches up on some much needed sleep. “It’s always the kids favorite day when Bethany comes back home.” Her mother says, “They love their big sister and she’s such a big help that when she is gone it impacts our whole family.” Greeted by her three little siblings jumping off the porch and running to her car when she pulls in the driveway. She knows that every day of tiredness and pain was worth it. She loves everything she does and says she gives up a lot to go on the trip but she enjoys everything about it. Bethany takes one day off of work to sleep and recover then is back at her normal everyday life of helping and caring for the people she
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