Personal Narrative-A Day At The Movie Space Jam

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On a hot summer day in Myrtle beach, South Carolina the dolphins were splashing in the water. The sharks were attacking and the volcanoes were erupting. The waves were smashing against the shore. Then on June 10, I went out and got my mail. In my mailbox was one letter from someone named Michael Jordan. I took it back to my resort and opened it. It read, “ Congrats you have been invited to the 20th year anniversary of the movie Space Jam. There are only going to be 5 people there. They are Michael Jordan, Daffy Duck, Lola, Bugs Bunny, and I. We are going to have shoe giveaways and lots of cake.” I read, “The party is on June 11 at my house! Oh my gosh, I have nothing planned yet I have to make a cake? Geez this is going to be a long night of work.” On the day of the celebration, I was tired. Michael Jordan came up to me and said,¨ Thank you for making this the best anniversary ever!¨ I said ,¨You are welcome, it 's amazing I got it all set up.¨ Lola said,¨ That was a tough game but I wanted to make Bugs Bunny proud. Do you think Bugs Bunny likes me?¨ I said to Lola, ¨ I highly doubt it. ¨ Michael Jordan said,¨You…show more content…
I said, “Just make 2 cakes. One for on the boat and one for here later. ¨ They all said, “ Ok sounds like a plan.” I told them,” I’m sorry for smashing the cake.” Michael Jordan said, “It 's alright, everyone makes mistakes.” Daffy Duck said” It 's alright I will make you a better one then Daffy Duck.” I said,” Ok sounds like a plan Daffy!” When the cakes got done, I had Michael Jordan take the cake out and he didn 't trip. We all gobbled it down like it was a thanksgiving feast. Lola said, “Do you want to marry me Bugs Bunny?” Bugs bunny said,” Alright.” Michael Jordan said,” This is the best anniversary ever!” Lola said,” I got him to like me finally!” Bugs Bunny said,” You are the best Lola!” So it ends up that Bugs Bunny and Lola got engaged during the 20th year anniversary of
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