Personal Narrative: A Day At The Nursing Home

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As I a sat in my chair, in front of the nursing home, looking at the pretty slushy snow on the ground, I think of how my life could have been different, I could have had working legs, a working body, I could have not accepted all those people who said that they were my friends then left. Then, I hear three different voices approaching me. I get so excited, and forgetting all of my problem, I think: Maybe they are here to volunteer or to take me out for a walk. Just as I finish my thought I feel a freezing wet ball hit my face and just as I scream I feel another freezing chile slithering down my body.
“Aaaahhhh,” I try my best to scream, but it only comes out as a squeal.
“Hahahahaha,” I hear the people in that are throwing wet balls at me
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“I’ll knock your head off,” a screeching sound shouted. “You’re a dead man!” a clearer voice shouted The boy stood in front of my chair like a bullet shield. Thank you, skinny boy. “Help! Somebody help!” the skinny boy yelped as he bent over in pain “No one can help you” yelled, the same screeching voice. As the white slush rocketed in, the boy suddenly laid over my body. The slush felt like angry dogs attacking me. As the snow crawled down my broken body I began to shriek again. I could not wait to get out of those wet soggy clothes and away from that white slushy snow. All of a sudden, the snow throwing stopped. “What’s going on out here? Get away from Petey,” Sissy yelled, shoving the human shield away from me. Don’t yell at him he didn’t do anything, he saved me, I want to tell Sissy. “I didn’t do anything,” the boy told Sissy. “I was walking home from school and some guys were throwing snowballs at this old man” “Where did the boys go,” Sissy questioned. I can tell that she did not believe him. “They ran away, just before you came out,” the boy said truthfully. “Was somebody throwing snowballs at you?” Sissy…show more content…
“Let’s get you inside, Petey. You come too,” Sissy said pointing at the brown headed boy. “Ok,” the boy said looking frightened. “What is your name?” Sissy asked “Trevor Ladd,” answered the boy. “Why were you out here” “I already told you, I was walking home from school and I heard something that sounded like a squealing pig. When I stopped to see what the sound was coming from, then I saw three guys throwing snowballs at him,” Trevor said this as he pointed towards me.
“Do you know the boys? Sissy questioned like she was the detective and he was the suspect. “No, I don’t know them, I have never seen them a day in my life,” the boy said. Now I can tell that the boy is lying. “Give me your name and phone number, then you will be able to go” After the boy gave his information he looked at me then Sissy, and walked away. Sitting there in my chair I wondering, is he going to come back? Will he leave just like everyone else in my life? As I’m looking at the boy walking away I feel like it was not my fault that the people were jerks maybe they just don’t understand my

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