Personal Narrative-A Day At The Soccer Field

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It was just a normal Saturday afternoon at the soccer field, and our team, The Strikers, were ready to play. It had been a nice few days in Garden Grove, but not for long. We had all arrived at 9:15 to warm up, and the game was at 9:45. Our team had been warming up when it started to become overcast. Of Course we would still play, because we play in almost any weather. The Ref, Bob Jensen, started the game and we were off to a good start. At half time, our team was sitting and eating oranges, when all of the sudden, we all saw something in the sky, almost like it could 've been a flying saucer coming down like it was going to land. But we didn’t think it was a flying saucer. “WHAT IS THAT!!!!!” asked Julia, one of the players on our team.
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