Personal Narrative: A Day At The Waco Zoo

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Have you ever absolutely wanted to do something stupid ,but when you finally do it you instantly regret it.Well, I know about that all too well. It was a stunning summer day at the Waco Zoo,right before the start of kindergarden.The trees waved at us in the marvelous breeze,and clouds gave us shade like a pavillian.Me and my best friend, Max were wizzing around looking at the cool animals,like the majestic pecoks for example. We decided to take a break and stop at the park with miles of amazing animal shaped playground equipment.When Max saw kids leaping off of an wide snake mouth and thought it would be a blast...Well it was,for him anyway.First,Max hopped off of the 10 ft mouth and told me it was a blast. So, I went to go jump off of the gigantic snake and that was a grave mistake.…show more content…
The third time I jumped off of the snake It looked a little bigger than it did the last time and I had a really strong gut feeling not to jump off of the statue.After a long debate with myself, I decided to do it anyways.When I took a leap of faith longer than the other two times but unlike the other times, I crashed down with a thud and all I heard in that moment was a loud

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