Personal Narrative: A Day Before Thanksgiving

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My Parents, brother Gunner, and I drove up to the Cincinnati Airport the day before Thanksgiving. As we were going to fly out before even the birds are up. We got to the hotel we were staying at around nine o’clock. Then on Thanksgiving day We flew out to Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida. Once we got to Daytona Beach Airport, after our one and a half hour flight, we were all very giddy. I first notice the beachy of the tiny airport. It was so small you couldn’t even fit one plane in the terminal. My mom, Gunner, and I headed over to the baggage claim . While my dad went to go rent a Ford Fusion. I was standing around awkwardly twiddling my thumbs since my mom and brother didn’t need any help. We headed out to the car. We had about an hour drive to get to our hotel. During the drive, I either listened to music and…show more content…
Once we got to the resort, we wandered around for a good ten minutes. We finally found the banquet hall after our aimless wandering. We then checked in with the D.V.C cast members. The banquet hall was magnificent. It was covered head to toe with Thanksgiving decorations. After looking around the room we sat at the table with our name on it. After about fifteen minutes, we got up to go get food. They had all the traditional foods. Such as; dressing, mashed potatoes, rolls, and the most important turkey. I think everyone in the room was stuffed like a turkey. In the back corner of the room, photos were being taken with Mickey and Minnie dressed as pilgrims. We went and got our family 's picture taken after a bit. We stayed in the room listening to a music group 's performance of different American folk songs. Outside the room, across from where we signed in, pictures were waiting to be picked up. But after I checked our picture wasn’t there. The cast members went to go check in the back to see if it was there, but it wasn’t. I was slightly upset that we wouldn’t have a picture to look at and

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