Personal Narrative: A Day During The Great Depression

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It’s hard to get through a day during the great depression. Everyday, my family worries about my father's job. Now there's one more thing to add to the pile of worries. The dust bowl. The storms have been going on for about 3 years now. When I woke up today, I could tell the dust was coming in. I had just finished feeding the animals in our barn when I noticed the sky off in the distance, was black. I got inside and notified my whole family to take cover. By now, we had the drill down. My mother put wet towels in every crack in every exterior door. Later that evening when my parents were putting my younger siblings Anna and Michael to bed I heard a “crash” just outside our house, I sprinted to the window to see what it was and I found that it was the roof to our animal barn! “Mom, Dad come quick!” I Yelled…show more content…
We jammed everything we could into our small wagon.What we couldn’t fit, we left by the side of the dirt road. As we drove through town and onto route 66 I knew this might be the last time we ever drive through this part of the country for a long time. Then, it hit me, where would we live? Will we live in one of those camps that my cousin Jenny wrote me about?I had so many questions about California, I didn’t know where to begin. Finally, after nearly 2 weeks of driving we arrived in California.In the beggining, work was hard. My brother, father, and I worked for long hot days in the long fields with many other children,and fathers. Eventually, we started getting the hang of things,but it definitely wasn’t any easier. My mom cleaned and cooked, well Anna made new friends in the camp. It was hard for our family to make the adjustment at first, but after a few weeks,we got into the routine of things. Although we had a place to live, working wasn’t fun. We went out to the fields at nearly 6 am and stayed out until dark.I can’t wait for the dust bowl to end, and even more, the great depression to
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