Personal Narrative-A Day In A Hunter's Life

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It was a Friday afternoon in Hunter’s arcade. Its grand opening has a huge crown of young children, teens, and adults. The area has rolls of game machines, 22 bowling lanes, a line of pinball games, an 84 ½ yard mini-golf course with small cities of New York, Paris, And Hong Kong built by Legos, a mini go-kart race, bumper cars, and psychedelic graffiti art on the walls. The children are having the times of their lives in this place. One kid named Todd dashes to a game machine called Chicken Beater. He places his card on the scanner, grabs a mallet and begins to play. He quickly hits the drums hard until the timer runs out. An alarm goes off and a pile of tickets emerges. As he collects the tickets, Oscar comes up behind and taps him on the shoulder. How many tickets did you get? Oscar asked? About 56. Todd said. Where’re the others? Over at the dancing machines. Oscar replied. With techno music blasting, Conner moves his legs on the step pad of the game as Rebecca looks and cheers on. Conner finished the level and steps down to catch his breath. Way a go Conner.…show more content…
Round 1! FIGHT! The machine yelled. Grunt jumps straight at Viper with a kick, but Viper blocks it just in time. Grunt punches Viper down and she quickly executes a kick. While Todd, Conner, Rebecca quietly observed the screen, everything but the fight goes blank for Oscar & Blaze. Their attention is directly focused on the game. As they swiftly tap each button, Viper uses a dash kick beating Grunt and ending round 1. Blaze does a brief victory dance to taunt Oscar but he ignores it. He takes off his black fingerless gloves, cracks his knuckles and place his hands on the control pad. As round 2 begins, Oscar moves Grunt all over the stage while throwing punches and kicks. Grunt jumps towards Viper with a kick and Viper blocks him. I’ll be back. Conner tells to Rebecca. As Conner walks to the bathroom, he notices a man watching Oscar and Blaze

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