Personal Narrative: A Day In California

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My eyes fluttering open. The bright light screening through the window pane.It was another usual sunny day in California. It’s always sunny 75 here. The sun is glowing, the blades of grass bursting with colors of envious green, and everything was alive. Nothing ever went wrong. I sat up in my bed, released myself from the grasp of the blankets, and trekked out of my room. I dawdled down the lengthy hall and had walked into the kitchen. My brother chowing down on eggs and toast, and my parents congregating around the television that we got not too long ago. I stepped in with one parent on either side. I looked at the flat screen and was in major disbelief. The petrifying images that took place on the screen, would be forever engraved in my brain. Planes bolting overhead dropping some kind of bomb. The news anchor said it was one of the …show more content…

Our food supply has diminished greatly. All we have is a couple cans of peas, a can of ready to eat tuna, and half a bag of trail mix. With four mouths to feed that will not be enough. My parents went up to go find food. I hope they make it back alright. The radiation has relinquished some, but not entirely. Their risk for radiation poisoning is still severely high. I pray they alright. That’s all I can seem to do lately. Pray to god that we will be able to leave this shelter soon, and that I can leave this place not mentally insane. I tried to alleviate my uneasiness by remembering back to a simpler time. I ran through the smallest details of my home. The flowery wallpaper that clung to the walls, the white decorative trim that lined the bottom and top, the family photos that hung proudly from the walls. Some crooked and some straight. My home had character. It was bursting with life both inside and out. Remembering back to the house always seemed to keep me sane. It gave me something to look forward to, even though I knew there would be nothing remaining once we left. That’s if we ever left this

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