Personal Narrative: A Day In Disney World

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C is for Cars
I woke up from my pull out couch bed in the Boardwalk resort full of excitement. I quickly got up ran to the bathroom, brushed my teeth, combed my curly hair and got dressed. I waited impatiently by the door for my family to go to the park. Then they said, “ today we are doing something different. We walked outside of the resort to our car instead of taking the bus to the theme parks. As soon as I stepped outside the sun hit me like a hammer. It was a melting summer day in Disney world. We hopped in our rented car from the Orlando airport and followed the navigation to a different place that I have never heard of in my ten years of going to Disney World. We pulled up to the place and it said Disney Raceway. I was curious of what we were doing this day. I stepped inside of the marketplace with the cool air conditioning. I walked over to a beh and waited for something to happen. My family and I were waiting for minutes now and nothing happened. Then suddenly a guy said, “ you can come in.” Me and my family walked into the room with an instructor in front of the room.
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“Your options will be a Ferrari 458, Lamborghini Gallardo, or an Audi R8. A sudden shock of excitement pushed it’s way into me. It would be my dream to drive an exotic car like a Ferrari, or Lamborghini. But I am too young to drive so I will be in it. A smile stretched across my face from ear to ear. I wonder which lucky people will be driving the car? I tried to comprehend his country accent and the only words I understood were, “you will be driving today fellas.” I looked over to my brother and my dad because that is most likely who will be driving. Then finally the instructor said, “alright, let's do
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