Personal Narrative: A Day In High School Swim

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It was around the time of my freshman year, I was 14 years old, and that’s when I began to set my mind to certain things. In the past I had been swimming on a year-round team competitively, then when it came to my freshman year I joined high school swim as well. I always thought to myself that I wasn’t good enough and I could never win, or at best make a section time. However, later on that season, I realized I was good enough, because I believed in myself and set my mind to win and did not give up, and eventually my times immensely improved. After many months of training, it was time for League Champs to begin. The day first began like any other day at a swim meet: meet warm up, where everyone is jam packed into one lane with a glimpse of faces every once in a while, then like always I just hung out until the meet started, saturating my body in the chlorine mixed pool and I let the sun beam down. At this point in time, I wasn’t nervous for my events because I was going to swim my usual events which included, the 100yd. Butterfly, 200yd. Freestyle, A Team Relay for the 200 Medley Relay, and the A Team Relay…show more content…
His face was rosy from the sun, and his face was complemented with a smile from ear to ear. He said to me, “Congratulations you beat your time by 25 seconds and qualified for sections.” I was overjoyed, and now I had a smile of my own from one ear to the other, and I was glad my hard work paid off. I had been training every day for the past 10 months to do what I did, win at league champs. Finally, I saw my family waiting for me, so I walked over to my family feeling proud of my accomplishment. Throughout this experience, I learned not to give up and have confidence in myself. I learned to believe in myself not only because I won, but because I set my mind to win, and I didn’t give up which allowed me to reach my
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