Personal Narrative: A Day In The Football Field

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The day had finally come. The day that I could so everyone what I can do. But if I mess up then hundreds of people would see. Then we arrived at the football field, as I stepped off of the bus, my body filled with excitement to finally be one of the stiles cheerleaders. My friends and I ran onto the field and looked up to see the huge stadium. The rows went on and on. I could tell that some other cheerleaders were nervous too.
Then as we set our stuff down our coach yelled at us to get into our first formation. We finished practicing the routine and then it hit me, all of the sudden I was feeling nervous and afraid that I would mess up or not do the right thing or forget everything or especially bust my standing tuck. But then I told myself that I had to do it. The game started and my squad, the green squad, was up to cheer first.
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About six minutes were left on the clock and I was freaking out, but I knew that I had to land that standing tuck. The seconds were ticking down, I knew I was ready but I just didn't want to fall on that flip and embarrass myself in front of that huge crowd. But I told myself that I had to do it because if I didn't then the eighth graders might never let me tumble with them again. I looked over at the clock and we lined up to enter the field. The dancers always went first which just gave me more time to think about how nervous I
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