Personal Narrative: A Day In The Gym

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It started out as a normal saturday afternoon. My mom made grilled cheese and I was getting ready for my dad to take me to gymnastics. I had my pink and black leotard on, and I was putting on my sneakers. We got in the car and my dad dropped of some packages at the post office and we got stuck in a bit of traffic. I was late to gym. I probably missed all of our stretching and running. I knew this would be a hard practice. The second I walked in the gym I had my coach ask why I was late and I told them my reasoning. “We just started conditioning” Michelle would say. “Do a 5 minute quick stretch then hop into conditioning with Maylee.” I did as she said and I started practicing with my teammates.

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So terrible and the worst part was when the coaches just kept making me stand up and fall again. “Try one more and we can move on.” Lachaiah told me. I bent over for the very last time… “Hands up, lift leg, kick.” I would repeat to myself. BAM. I fell on my head and my arm was under it. “Ow.” I whispered. I got my arm out from under my head and the second I looked at my radius and ulna, I felt excruciating pain shoot up my arm. “Call 911” my coaches yelled at each other as if they were both thinking the exact same thing. I was concerned but they were terrified.
My parents were called. The coaches informed me of the fact that 911 was called and on the way. Minutes later I could hear and see sirens wailing and flashing.
My dad arrived seconds later than the ambulance. I was brought to the hospital and into a waiting room. My dad got a call and his dad, my Papa, was gone. I’d never see my grandpa again. Cancer did that to my aunt, mom, and now him. The doctors xrayed my left arm and I broke my radius and ulna. I was treated and I had an appointment on friday to get a full arm cast.
I went home and went to bed. I woke up the next morning and it was 9:30. School started many hours ago. I skipped school that day. I remember looking straight at my arm pleading the previous night was a dream.

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