Personal Narrative: A Day In The Poconos Mountains

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It was a cool day in the Poconos Mountains, we had made a reservation to go white water rafting. The next morning we had to wake up extra early to eat breakfast so we weren’t late for our trip. When my parents said, “were going white water rafting” I thought we were going straight down to the river , but of course it wasn’t.

When we got there we each had to fill out papers clearly stating our medical information but, of course my parents had to sign too. Once everything had been signed we had to wait about thirty minutes for everyone else to get there. I was very mad because we had to wear a stupid life jacket and I complained the whole time, saying stuff like I look stupid in this or I don’t wanna wear it. Finally after a while I had finally gotten over it and enjoyed the scenery. After everyone had arrived there was almost over one hundred people! I thought it was going to be a group of about ten. After we went over the rules we had to board a bus to the river itself, which was about forty minutes or so. After we had made there we were all told to get into a raft and sit on the edges but, of course my dad was in charge telling us all what to do. After, we had done a couple of rapids it was finally time for a swim break, of course I fell out and the water was freezing cold! As soon as I got back in I was back right
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I was very sad because I loved it in Pennsylvania, and I just wasn’t ready to leave yet. It was a great time though, I just loved falling into the water. Yes, it was very cold and I scraped my knee on a jagged rock , but it was the best thing that had ever happened to me. I should have never smarted off to my parents though complaining that I didn’t want to wear a stupid life jacket, and that I would just look stupid in it. The good thing was I finally got over it and I had a great time in the Pocono Mountains, Pennsylvania and would never mind the drive again to go back
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