Personal Narrative: A Day In The Yukon Trail

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The day was cold and gray, no sun. In a place called, Yukon Trail, Alaska, it was fifty degrees below zero. The begging start with a man that decides to take a walk, the time passed and he meets a dog. He thought he would make it back on time because he is meeting with his friends. That was the begging of the story, but neither of them knew what would actually happen.
A man decided to climb. The time was nine o’clock, not a hint of sunlight, not a single cloud. In his way, he meets an old sir that, warning him what could happen. Where he was, he saw banks of snow. He was quick and alert, but there are some things he did not notices. It was fifty degrees below zero, this impressed him, for being cold and uncomfortable. He meets a dog, a big native husky, proper wolf dog. The dog was depressed by the tremendous cold.
The fellow still walking. Thinking he can go back to the camp. The fellow walks four miles per hour, he decided to arrive at the camp after twelve.
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He said, that he would be back at six. He decided to build a fire, he can warm himself. He was about to lose a few toes, but to make a fire in the snow is not that easy. The gentleman chose to make a fire under trees, but it is hard, as the time pass, the fire is gone. He knew he could not make it, and he just gives up, without hope. The time pass and the dog do not understand what is going on, the dog comes close to the man, the dog detects the man is dead or close to death.
In conclusion, you do not have to decide travel alone, in a place you never went and without telling someone. You have to be prepared for whatever can happen outside, even to take a walk. First, make the smart decision, or ask the people if the place is safe, or at least check the temperature, more when winter is. Dying is not an option, but die knowing that you tried the best, is better. Always listen to the old person, they know what can happen, they tell you what you should listen or
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