Personal Narrative: A Difference In Breast Surgery

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I have recently interviewed my grandmother, she is the mother of my father her name is Ngawiki Cooper. I asked her what was the first thing that she noticed differently about herself? She responded, Well i was 69 years old when i first notice a change in my breast, then I was advised to by my partner to go to the next screening, and it wasn 't until my breast got very painful till i took his advice, by that time i was 70 years old and i was too late the cancer had already speared into both my breast. I then asked her why she didn 't get her screening earlier when she first notices difference in her breast, and why didn 't she take her partner 's advice when it was he asked her? She replied, Because i didn 't think it was as serious as it ended up to be, I 'm old i get different kinds of pain throughout my whole body and unfortunately i class the pain in my breast as a passing pain where i thought i would never get it…show more content…
I asked my Grandmother, when you finally went for your scan and the results came out positive what was your first reaction? She answered in tears and said i immediately fell to the ground in shock, “I suffered through the treatment and ended up in breast conserving surgery were i got my left side breast removed, over a 2 months of healing after being in hospital for 1 week after my surgery, after a couple of months after my surgery i went for my weekly check up and the Doctor then informed me that i had to get a mastectomy done on my right breast because the cancer cells had spread too and also a bit just by armpit , i am now 77 and finally recovered from the removal of both my breast and now i am proud to say i am Cancer free but in saying that i will never again hesitate getting a check up to insure I’m well. Because my grandmother was a victim to this disease me and my 5 sisters have a great chance of also getting breast cancer. My grandmother asked me to research some of the symptoms that could possible indicate that i may have breast
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