Personal Narrative: My Trip To School

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“Yo I’m so excited about the trip today!” I know right” replied my friend Ethan as we walked to class. If you didn’t know most of our class is going on a field trip to South America to check out the ecosystem. We walk into the classroom and instantly we start talking about the trip with a group of our friends. “Alright everyone to your seats” implored our teacher. Once were all in our seats the smartboard came on with a list of directions. 1. Find a group of 7 to be in so obviously me and Ethan start a group and the rest of our friends join. First Tyler then Andrea and Marissa then Amanda and last was Kendal. “Alright we have our group” yelled Ethan as usual. The trip was long but it didn’t feel like it because we just talked the whole time. “Alright listen get off the bus single file and the captain will let you know where to go once your in your groups.” As we board the ship I heard the teachers say something about danger but I ignored it and followed my group. So the captain put each group in a boat cabin it had a bathroom and enough beds for each group it was like a hotel room but on a ship. It was around nine o’clock and the shaporon came down to tell us to calm down and get ready to sleep. So we made a shower order like who would shower first who would shower last I agreed to go last. It was about 10:15 when we got done…show more content…
I layed Kendal down in the boat still unconscious as well did Tyler with Andrea and I said” get in the boat I’ll pull the cord” The rain pounded against my face. And I pulled the cord and we hit the water and Ethan and Tyler grabbed a paddle as I looked for anything to keep us warm I had two coats on for some reason so i took them off and gave one to Marissan and Amanda. Then the other one to Kendal and Andrea. For some reason there was a third paddle and i picked it up and started paddling I didn’t know where we were going but I passed

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